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Learning with Technologies Pty. Ltd. as a supplier and service provider of Computers and related Technology products to Australian Customers is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally caring work environment for all employees and visitors to the business.

To meet this commitment Learning with Technologies has developed a set of objectives and implemented specific Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Processes and Systems to:

  1. Maintain compliance to the AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety standard
  2. Maintain compliance to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard
  3. Meet Regulatory and Legislative requirements
  4. Set specific goals and objectives in respective to each standard and to implement necessary actions to meet the same
  5. Encourage Suppliers and Subcontractors to follow positive processes and practices on Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management
  6. Provide necessary resources, training and communication to all employees to ensure awareness, understanding and continuous improvement is practiced to meet / exceed respective system objectives, compliance and business standards

The policies, objectives, procedures and practices developed and implemented are aimed at producing the greatest practical benefits while striving to achieve continual improvement and to minimise or eliminate workplace occupational health and safety risks and adverse effects on the environment.